Black Hills

The trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota was fantastic. Sometimes, it is important to get out of one’s room and to take the road in order to discover the beauty and the hidden marvels of nature that only those who like adventure can find in their way. What the Black Hills offers in its grandiose spectacle has to do not only with nature, but also with the will of man to transform nature and let it endlessly speak to future generations as it cooperates to what he wants to imprint on it as “memorabilia”. Here, no word is necessary; what the eye sees is already a speech that touches the heart as it brings it back to what men have done to make history. Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Monuments are all about history and the men who have made it. It is all about commemorative history, but written on the rocks. Who cannot admire these men and their deeds? Yes, like a poet it is right to say, “A man might die, but his deed survives. If not written in a book, it can be found on a rock”.

Crazy Horse Monument

Mount Rushmore

Me at an old fort between Mt. Rushmore & our motel in Custer, SD



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Pictures on this page photographed by Bob Snyder

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