I had the chance to visit the State of Florida. Before I took the trip I was warned about what I had to wear, because it would be hot and humid. That was true, but I did not care about it. I sincerely felt great as though I was back in Africa where I was born. When someone comes from Colorado and has the chance to enjoy the sun, it is fantastic. That is what I felt in the sun and the humidity of Miami. A tour in Little Havana and around the rich mansions of Hollywood stars along the island is not something to miss in Miami. While I appreciated the wonderful sight of South beach in Clearwater and Tampa, I enjoyed the sea shells in Sanibel Island.

In Orlando, I visited the Kennedy space Center and Cape Canaveral. It was for me like a dream come true. What a sensation than to see with my own eyes and touch with my own hands a shuttle. It was unbelievable to see “de visu” all the places I always watched from television when there is a launching in space. What an emotion than to explore the inside of a chattel that has been disregarded for a space trip. The simulation of the trip in space they propose has nothing to compare with. It gives you the impression not only of flying in space, but also of sensing the emotion that the astronauts feel when the fly in space. This is something unique and unforgettable. Enjoy some of those wonderful moments in pictures.

























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