Royal Gorge Bridge

In June 2008, with Felix and Lee Brin, friends of mine, I visited the Royal Gorge Bridge and its Park. For some reason, I lost this trip from my record and could not refer to it. Now I remember how fascinating it was to discover Canyon City and its surroundings for the first time. It was fantastic to cross the Royal Gorge Bridge and to walk around the Park. The charm of the different flags of the respective states of the United States reminded me of what this country is: “Unus Pluribus”, (many, but one). What an excitement than the scenic adventure over the cliffs of the bridge along the Kansas River. I will never forget the sensation I felt as I saw this wonderful canyon and the train travelling deep inside the cliffs. If you have a bit of free time, visit the Royal Gorge Bridge.













And here are a few pictures of the Royal Gorge viewed from below along the Royal Gorge Railroad by my friend Bob.

















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