Pikes Peak

In 2006, a year after my arrival in USA, a group of friends drove me to the Air Force Academy, the Garden of Gods and the City of Manitou Springs in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I remember having enjoyed a lot the natural beauty of the Garden of the Gods and the sight of Pikes Peak as I could see it from Manitou Springs. But what I did not realize was that a trip by train to the top of the mountain would be extraordinary. This time, as I had the chance to travel to the top of the Pikes Peak, I felt that something was missing of my assessment of that wonderful place. Now I know for sure what it looks like and what sensation it gives to stand on the top of Pikes Peak looking down in the valley of Colorado Springs and, from afar, the State of Kansas. 14,115 feet above sea level is something that makes some dizzy and others nauseous. The truth, however, is that whatever might be the condition of some or others, the scenic sight of Pikes Peak is a wonder and a marvel. I wish you to commune to it through these pictures.














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2006 Father Felicien Mbala
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