San Diego-Hollywood-Tijuana

Bob Snyder and I traveled to Southern California to visit Mexico and to renew my travel papers. While there, we visited many locations in Tijuana, San Diego, Los Angeles, Hollywood and more. Here we are at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in down town Los Angeles.

The trip to Southern California has allowed me to make my first contact with the Pacific Ocean. It is to me a great blessing as well as a great pleasure to have experienced the biggest waters of the world, namely the Mediterranean sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and now the Pacific Ocean. I have always been fascinated by the horizon of the seas as well as about the space. I hope one day that NASA will allow me to fly with them as an independent observer.

At the same time, this trip allowed me to visit an underdeveloped country, Mexico, living at few meters from a developed country, the USA. I realized that people are all most the same whatever might be their color or their continent. What makes people different is the context in which they evolve, the educational system they have and the culture that fashions them.
This trip has allowed me to discover Hollywood, this non-existent wood in which actors hunt one another in order to win a star at the end of the festival year.

The San Diego Zoo was one of final stops with many plants and animals of interest.

Pictures on this page photographed by Bob Snyder

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