Tennessee & Kentucky

If someone told me that the South had a tropical climate, I would certainly believe it. That is what I always heard people say that over there the snow is rare, or quasi nonexistent, that it is really hotter than it is in the North, the West or the East of the country. But if I were told that I could find mostly tropical plants and flowers, I would hardly believe it. And yet, that is the truth: the South has a colorful nature like in the South hemisphere. What a delight to enjoy the beautiful tropical plants and flowers gathered at Grand Ole Opery in Nashville. Even the giganticness of the buildings, and the majesty of the Convention Center, could not prevent the spring water to dance in harmonizing its melody mingling it to the beauty of the flowers and the whispering silence of the bananas trees. If you never dreamt about Africa, you have there a taste. Enjoy the wonderful nature.

Jeff & Mary Mbuyamba

Lady Sabine Kazadi


Your's Truely at the Grand Ole Oprey



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