Yellowstone & Glacier Mountains

The spectacle in Yellow Stone Park has nothing do with imagination. It is all about nature giving itself to the amazed looks on the face of visitors. Nature has never been more generous than in Yellow Stone when it pleases itself to display its beautiful surprises. When you add to that beautiful view the Glacier Mountains of Montana, the spectacle becomes almost a hallucination. Sometimes, we need to get out of our rooms and daily “tralala” to enjoy what no money can buy, the beauty of Mother Nature. May my friend Andy and his beloved wife Bev be thanked for having made this trip possible.

Getting ready for our trip in a 'camper'

Andy and myself in Cody, Wyoming

Mineral deposits created by a hot springs in Thermopolis, Wyoming

The park entrance

Here I am at an overlook in Yellowstone

Cooking dinner!

Water fall of the Yellowstone River

Steam from a hot springs and mud pot

Here I am in front of a geyser

Steam from a hot springs with sulfur gas

Helena, Montana capital

Glacier Lake

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